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Why David Genis?

  • Experience

    David focuses his practice on successfully defending DUI charges and other criminal offences. He has a broad understanding of the case law including local precedents and is familiar with your particular courthouse and its Crowns and judges.

  • Quality

    He has a solid track record of defense against DUI charges and serves clients who speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian and Ukrainian.

3 Major Consequences of DUI Charges


minimum of a $1,000 or determined at the discretion of the judge

License Suspension

1 year to lifetime suspension with some considerations

Jail Sentence

Subsequent charges have 120-day minimum jail sentence

A suspended or revoked license alone can affect your life:

  • How will pick up your child up from school?

  • How will you drive your spouse to church or family events?

  • How will you take your mother to that important medical appointment?

  • How will you get to important events without having to rely on friends, co-workers or family members?

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You are presumed to be innocent until you are proven guilty.

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