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Metamphetamine, MDMA amd Ketamine

John’s case – trafficking of Meth and MDMA (ecstasy)

Background – trafficking of Meth and MDMA (ecstasy)

According to the RCMP, it was their biggest successful ecstasy trafficking bust in Canadian history up to 2007. John was arrested while driving his van away from a house that was a suspected ecstasy/meth lab. Approximately 35 kilos of tableted methamphetamine was found in the van in plain view and 175 kilos of methamphetamine and MDMA (ecstasy) was found in the house. Two passengers of the van were also charged, as well as two men found in the house.

John knew that he is looking at long jail time for this offence. He immediately retained David to represent him. David got John out on bail and started working on the case. Each co-accused hired his own lawyer because it was anticipated that a conflict would develop and the co-accused would try to blame each other.

The case took four long years, resulting in a three week Superior Court trial.



David’s client John, the driver of the van containing 35 kilos of drugs in plain view, was acquitted on all counts.

Two passengers of the van received 14 years jail each.

One of the men found in the house received 16 years jail. The second man found in the house went into hiding and there is now a warrant out for his arrest.

UPDATE: the accused who went into hiding has recently been arrested by police and is in jail, awaiting for his trial.

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