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Archives: Testimonials

Testimonial 5

Apr 24, 2018
David Genis, wins cases which seem impossible to win.

Testimonial 4

Apr 24, 2018
David will always be happy to give you a free consult if you were charged criminally.

Testimonial 3

Apr 24, 2018
David Genis will carefully listen to your story and will make sure that all important decisions on the case are made by you.

Testimonials 2

Jan 27, 2017
David will be showing up in court on your behalf on all the appearances where your presence is not essential, so that you can take care of your business while...

Testimonials 1

Jan 26, 2017
David will constantly evaluate the probability of success, and will advise you of it, so that you could plan your defence and at the same time minimize your expenses.
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