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Toronto criminal lawyer David Genis has successfully defended and helped his clients get acquitted of their criminal charges, including:

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David Genis is a well known criminal lawyer in Toronto with a special interest in complicated and technical matters. Explore this website to see why he is one of the most sought after criminal lawyers in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Have you been charged with DUI/DWI (drinking and driving), domestic assault or a drug related offense? Hire one of the best Toronto criminal lawyers to protect your rights!

David Genis’ criminal law practice is focused on successfully defending charges of DUI (impaired operation or “care or control”, driving while over 80mg (excess blood alcohol) or refuse (fail to provide) breath sample), domestic assaults and threats, drug related charges and other criminal offences.

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Toronto criminal lawyer David Genis explains nuances of drinking and driving law

The difference between Impaired and Over 80 charges explained to the Senate Committee in Ottawa by DUI lawyer Toronto David Genis.

Criminal Lawyer Toronto David Genis speaks to the Senate Committee in Ottawa

In October 2016 Toronto lawyer David Genis was invited to speak to the Senate Committee in Ottawa as an expert on criminal law and drinking & driving issues.

Why hire David Genis? Here is what David’s clients have to say:
“David Genis, wins cases which seem impossible to win.”
“David Genis will carefully listen to your story and will make sure that all important decisions on the case are made by you.”
“David will constantly evaluate the probability of success, and will advise you of it, so that you could plan your defence and at the same time minimize your expenses.”
“David will always be happy to give you a free consult if you were charged criminally.”
“David will be showing up in court on your behalf on all the appearances where your presence is not essential, so that you can take care of your business while David is taking care of your case.”
The lawyer you choose should:
  • Have a broad understanding of the case law including local precedents
  • Be familiar with your particular courthouse and its Crowns and judges
  • Have a solid track record of defense against these charges
  • Ability to confidently present your case

Remember that every case requires expert knowledge to effectively counter the charges; your case is never clear cut, regardless of what appears on the surface.

Criminal charges, including DUI, can carry significant penalties and consequences, therefore serious consideration needs to be given to the type of defense you want.

David Genis will present an assertive defense that will directly and substantially impact your situation. Jail time, loss of family, driver’s license, job, immigration status or ability to travel to US can be avoided.

David has successfully represented clients in the following Ontario courthouses:

Toronto – 1000 Finch Ave W
2201 Finch Ave W
Old City Hall at 60 Queen St W
College Park – 444 Yonge
1911 Eglinton Ave E

Superior Court – 361 University
Newmarket – 5o Eagle St W
Brampton – 7755 Hurontario St
Hamilton – John Sopinka45 Main St. E.
Guelph – 36 Wyndham Street South and many others.

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