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Drinking and Driving Offences or DUI

DUI Lawyer Toronto for Drinking and Driving Offences or DUI

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Have You Been Charged With Drinking and Driving Charges or DUI (Driving Under Influence) Charges?

David Genis is an experienced DUI Lawyer Toronto with specialization in successfully defending DUI related cases. If you are in need of a Toronto criminal lawyer who has the experience to defend your DUI case then David Genis is the right choice for you. He can help you defend your case and inform you of your rights! Contact him today to get the right representation!

Over 80 mg

I was charged with “Over 80 mg” (Excess blood alcohol). I did blow “over 80 mg”, so I might as well plead guilty, right? Wrong. A very significant percentage of “Over 80 mg” charges in Toronto, and generally in Ontario, result in acquittal. An “Over 80 mg” is a charge that is very technical in nature.

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Impaired Driving (by Alcohol or Drug)

Have you been charged with a DUI/DWI, Impaired Driving (Impaired Operation), Driving Over 80 mg (Excess Blood Alcohol) or Refuse (Fail to Provide) Breath Sample? If so, I can help you. Charged with Impaired Driving (Impaired Operation)? You have a good chance of being found not guilty!

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Refuse Sample

Charged with Refuse to Provide Sample (Fail to Provide)? A charge of Refuse (Fail to provide) Breath Sample is laid when a police officer demands that you provide a breath sample either into a roadside screening device or into an approved instrument. What is an approved screening device?

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Impaired/Over 80/Dangerous Causing Bodily Harm or Death

Impaired driving causing bodily harm (2) Everyone who commits an offence under paragraph 253(1)(a) and causes bodily harm to another person as a result is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years. Blood alcohol level over legal limit — bodily harm (2.1)

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Dangerous Operation

Have you been charged with Dangerous operation under s. 249 of the Criminal Code? Section 249 makes driving a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public, “having regard to all the circumstances” a criminal offence. What is the difference between dangerous and careless driving? Careless driving is a Highway Traffic Act offence.

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Care & Control

I have been charged with drinking and driving even though my car was not moving! I was in my car and I was drunk but I was not driving! I can’t comprehend how is that even possible that I am being charged for it.

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